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Welcome to St Patrick's Mentone

St Patrick’s is a Catholic Parish Primary School in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Christ is our model in faith, action and relationships.

The school is accommodated in variety of well-maintained buildings, both old and new, on a large and secure 3 hectare site in Mentone. Spacious playing fields, paved courtyards, adventure playgrounds and well maintained gardens create a beautiful working environment. Visual images and architectural style serve as a constant reminder of the school’s heritage and identity. The parents, children and staff of St Patrick’s come from a variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

St Patrick’s School is part of the evangelising, catechising and educational mission of the Church, and an integral part of St Patrick’s Parish. The school works in partnership with parents to educate children to seek what is true, beautiful and good. This requires an attentive commitment to the development of the faculties of the whole child: spiritual, intellectual, aesthetical, physical, social and emotional. The children participate and grow in a supportive community, preparing them to contribute to the wider society to which they belong.