CEM - Horizons of Hope


Horizons of Hope, the new education framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne will support Catholic school communities to engage in dialogue about the distinctive nature of learning and teaching, leading learning and enhancing Catholic identity in our schools.  The framework’s underlying belief is that ‘Learning Brings Hope’.


The framework has four tiers: Vision, Context, Strategy and Practice which will provide the capacity to navigate the current landscape - to learn together, to work from evidence, to animate and support learners, and to lead in faith and transformation


Horizons of Hope Vision provides a succinct statement which outlines our vision for learners in our Catholic Schools. The Horizons of Hope Context provides a mapping of the current educational landscape, drawing out the challenges and opportunities for learning and teaching in a Catholic context. Aligned to the Vision and Context of Horizons of Hope is the resource ‘Learning and Teaching in a Catholic school’ that looks at Deep Learning, Animated Learners and Powerful Teaching.


More information can be found on the Catholic Education Melbourne website. www.cem.edu.au