Vision Statement

At St Patrick’s School, we acknowledge the dignity of every human person, whom we believe to be created in the image of God; redeemed in Jesus Christ; and gifted with a unique vocation. On this basis, we aim to establish and maintain relationships and practices that acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of this human dignity, and contribute to the development of each individual.

We believe that knowledge plays a vital part in education. The knowledge and experience of our faith and the desire to seek the truth are the complementary foundations for the intellectual formation we aim to provide.

The beauty of God is reflected through all creation and in the creative work of human persons. Our response to this beauty is to develop a proper appreciation for it. This finds its expression through the arts, in liturgy and worship, and in the aesthetic appeal of the natural and the built environments.

The way we treat one another has always been the most evident sign of being Christian. Hence, ethical behaviour modelled on the example of Jesus Christ is the goal towards which we strive. In this we are guided by the social teaching of the Church, which reflects the twin values of justice and charity, specifically in:

·    the management and organisation of our school;

·    the way we relate to one another in our various communities (family, school,parish and the wider world);

·    attention to the pastoral care and well-being of individuals and groups;

·    our apostolic activities.