Religious Education


Christ in the heart of all.


St Patrick’s School is part of the evangelising, catechising and educational mission of the Church, and an integral part of St Patrick’s Parish. The school works in partnership with parents to educate children to seek what is true, beautiful and good. This requires an attentive commitment to the development of the faculties of the whole child: spiritual, intellectual, aesthetical, physical, social and emotional. The children participate and grow in a supportive community, preparing them to contribute to the wider society to which they belong.

Our Catholic faith informs all the means by which these goals are achieved, and thus we prepare our students for a life to be lived in time and eternity:

·    Through prayer and sacraments, we acknowledge our dependence on God.

·    By encouraging ethical behaviour in parents, staff and students we try to bring about a just society within our sphere of influence.

·    Through sound teaching practices and the provision of suitable resources, we attempt to accommodate and cherish the individual differences of all in our learning community.

·    By encouraging students to be active participants in their own learning, we lay the foundation for lifelong education.

At St Patrick’s School, we acknowledge the dignity of every human person, whom we believe to be created in the image of God, redeemed in Jesus Christ and gifted with a unique vocation. On this basis, we aim to establish and maintain relationships and practices that acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of this human dignity and contribute to the development of each individual.

We believe that knowledge plays a vital part in education. The knowledge and experience of our faith and the desire to seek the truth are the complementary foundations for the intellectual formation we aim to provide.

The beauty of God is reflected through all creation and in the creative work of human persons. Our response to this beauty is to develop a proper appreciation for it. This finds its expression through the arts, in liturgy and worship and in the aesthetic appeal of the natural and the built environments.

The way we treat one another has always been the most evident sign of being Christian. Hence, ethical behaviour modelled on the example of Jesus Christ is the goal towards which we strive. In this we are guided by the social teaching of the Church, which reflects the twin values of justice and charity, specifically in:

·    the management and organization of our school

·    the way we relate to one another in our various communities (family, school, parish and wider world)

·    attention to the pastoral care and well being of individuals and groups;

·    our apostolic activities

Our sacramental program is developed with consultation from our Parish Priest and in conjunction with our sister school, St John Vianney’s. This ensures students attend Mass, parents attend an instruction night and students follow a home, school and parish connected program.

As a school we provide opportunities to participate in a fortnightly school Mass, scheduled weekend class family Masses, altar boy training and choir.

St Patrick’s Religious Education Program is based on the Religious Education Texts (To Know Worship and Love) in the Archdiocese of Melbourne set within the parish and community context. This is supported by other relevant resources including the use of the Atrium for the Good Shepherd program and the catechesis program which also enables our students to visit nursing homes in the area. The program incorporates prayer, knowledge, faith development, celebration of liturgy, sacramental preparation and pastoral care. This permeates all areas of the curriculum.

Prayer, both formal and informal, is incorporated into our Religious Education units. Our P-6 Prayer program indicates the prayers and Mass responses that are taught at each year level. To create an atmosphere conducive to prayer each classroom has a sacred space incorporating a prayer table, cross, prayer cloth and candle. At midday each day, the church bells are rung and children in Years 3 to 6 are encouraged to pause in their work to say The Angelus. After lunch on Monday and Tuesday, the students are involved in Christian Meditation. This aims to teach students and adults alike to find God in prayer, in the silence and stillness. In the Old Testament we read: "Be still and know that I am God". Displays around the school highlight special feasts, special occasions and the liturgical year.

The parish community and the families of the school are encouraged to be involved in a number of specials liturgical events throughout the year. The sacraments of Penance, Eucharist and Confirmation are celebrated as school occasions to which members of the parish are invited to attend. Families are encouraged to attend, and participate in Family Masses.